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Get honest, reliable information about all things keto – without the brow-beating and dogma often associated with lifestyle diet experts.

Learn about how to pair the keto diet with a practical fitness plan. We’re not trying churn out the next Mr. Olympia – we believe in functional fitness.

The keto diet can excite your taste buds every meal. Get recipes that satisfy your cravings, fit your macros, and impress everyone at the table.

Sick of reading reviews written only to drum up affiliate commissions? So were we. Get honest, no-BS reviews written only after extensive product use.

Information you need to navigate the keto lifestyle, all in one place. From meal plans to reading lists, to fitness plans, get what you need here.

Level up your keto knowledge.

Get unbiased insights on the ketogenic – from diet composition to supplementation stacks to how to talk to people about keto, and everything in between. And, no, we don’t ask anyone to drink the Kool-Aid or shame other lifestyles.

July 2, 2020

Is Nose-to-Tail Eating Necessary on Keto?

I was seven years old when the infamous episode of Doug was released where he faced the daunting task of eating liver and onions. I vividly remember the cartoon squiggly…
Keto Basics
July 1, 2020

The 7 things you need to know before adopting the keto lifestyle

You’ve seen it on magazine covers, food packaging, your favorite restaurant menus, and on every form of social media. The ketogenic “diet” has been touted by some for its near…
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